Monday, September 27, 2010


So to begin, as always with any kind of new social media I try to give myself on the internet...I never can decide straight off what I want my blog to be called or look like. Hence, the delay.

 But aside from my indecisiveness, welcome! I started blogging again mostly because I want friends and family to understand a little bit more about the Americorps program I signed up for, and what exactly I'm doing. I'll even explain later what exactly IS Americorps.

As for what I'm doing now...I have a few months before leaving to Iowa for Americorps, so a majority of my posts will just be thoughts, rants, what-have-you. I did miss writing every so often, so perhaps I'll keep this blog after the program. Who knows? Just enjoy the here and now of it.

Credits to Thunderpanda for the Barlow type I have heavily decorated all over my blog.