Friday, October 1, 2010

So let's start with what this blog is going to be about in a few months. Normally when I mention Americorps to someone, they don' really know what it is, so I compare it to Peace Corps and then they get a familiar idea of what that entails.

Americorps is federal government program that started in 1993. In it, people serve and work for the country in a variety of ways ranging from public education to environmental clean-up. So like Peace Corps in the sense that it is community service goodfunstuff, except that people stay in the United States to work on projects.
There are 3 divisions of Americorps, and the one I applied for was the National Civilian Community Corps or NCCC (N triple C so it's less of a mouthful). To learn more about what the other two programs are, click here!!

In a pinch, the NCCC works like so:
-Only people 18-24 can apply (unless you sign up as a team leader)
-You're sent to one of five regional campuses (California, Iowa, Colorado, Maryland and Mississippi)
-You are on a team of 10-15 people
-You work on about 4-6 projects for ten months
-Each project is different, and you're not set to one place on the campus. You can go anywhere within the region for projects, this includes states that are around your state.

I didn't get to everything about NCCC, but that is the general gist of what I'll be doing come February. I'll post why I applied in my next entry.

Over and out.


  1. Good for you, Holly! We need more people who are truly out there to help our country. Can't wait to read more! What kind of projects will you be working on?

  2. Thanks Mrs. Wiese! I'm not sure what projects my team is doing yet...I don't think I'll know until I get there.
    I'm trying to add you on blogger but I'm still new to this site...I'll figure it out eventually!
    How have you been? I see you've been busy with that cute little girl on your facebook!

  3. gabbity abby's blagjab blag