Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A realization the other day came to mind when I looked at my heading. Where are the sketches? I've been slacking hardcore about showing any kind of proof that I can even draw. My pants will eventually be on fire if I don't do something about it, and pants are expensive. So without further delay, we'll come to the first of the sketch turned artwork.

If the names Antoine de Saint-Exupery or The Little Prince sound familiar to you, then this will be a brief nostalgic moment. If not, then I suggest you to check it out even though it's a children's book. We're all kids at heart, right? Either way, it's aesthetically pleasing and a nice tribute. A little background story, I made this with the intention to give as a gift to a friend who loved the book...a year or so later I finally got around to it. (There's that slacker in me again)

Photo from the book that I referenced:

And my little re-creation:  

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Almost completely done with all the paperwork that I need to send in...and to make sure I'll be able to leave. I got the welcome packet from NCCC a couple days ago, which tells me I have to fill out a travel form, healthcare information, and all that jazz.  I haven't read through all the way, but here's some stuff I found interesting that stuck out:
  • On the travel sheet I just mailed, I chose to get to Iowa by plane. I've never been on a plane before. This is kind of a big deal for me, since I used to be terrified by the thought of being on a plane when I was younger. Right now I'm completely fine about it, so perhaps I just grew the hell up.
  • I could test to be a wildlife firefighter if I so choose.
  • Apparently I'll being doing PT while I'm there (physical training? did I just accidentally sign up for the Army? I would be very, very annoyed at myself if I did.)
  •  Corps members are assigned to one of three units: Cedar, Maple and Oak. Units are comprised of 70-80 Corps members, broken down into seven teams. Personally I think it's cute that they are all named after trees, however if I could choose I would choose Cedar just because I love the smell of cedar chests.
  • I will probably have to get a tetanus shot there, since I can't even remember when I last had one. In fact, I can't remember the last time I had a shot. That's probably not good.
  • Projects can very from one day to two months. The average is six weeks.
  • Spikes are projects that are more then one hour away from campus (like when I go to another state). I might not have access to a computer/cell phone reception, depending where I would go...but I can still get snail mail. I'll post up my address when I figure out what team I'm on. Letters would be cool!

That's it so far. I'm sure I'll run into something interesting again soon. Over and out.