Sunday, February 27, 2011

I could sleep for days.

This past week has been jam packed full of training! I get tired just thinking about it how crammed the schedule is for the next three weeks.
As of this past week I am now CPR/First Aid certified, have taken a road test to drive a 15 passenger sized van (affectionately named Jaws). Oh and I get up at 4:45 in the morning for physical training. LOVE IT!

It is funny though, having to wake up around six o'clock or earlier. Now that my body is adjusted to it, I consider waking up around nine in the morning to be late.

The best way to tell you what team I'm on is to just think of Harry Potter and the sorting hat. There are about 220 of us in the school campus, and we are divided into three units: Cedar, Oak, and Maple. I am in the Oak unit, Team 3.  So far my team leader is pretty cool, and the rest of us are beginning to know each other better. I feel like the first few days kind of dragged for a bit, but only because we gotten used to our temporary teams.

This lack of internet access is making it hard to update all the time. But I promise I'll try to be better at updating when I know I can. Also, expect pictures soon!

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