Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm not dead I swear.

I'm just super busy.

Round one is over, and I've literally left my home state for a second time. I absolutely loved Camp Ohiyesa and all of the staff there. It's good to know the they're only an hour away from home and I can visit there when the program is over.
The last week before leaving, teams have to fill out forms and do debriefs and briefs for this project and the upcoming projects. So I have literally had zero time to go online. The closest is checking my phone when I'm working, which isn't all that much.
In any case here's what's going on! We have a week in transition before going to our next project. Back in good ole' Vinton once again, but only for a little because then I'll be in...

Iowa city! (just outside of it really)

So an hour away from campus, for eight weeks. The first half we're gonna be working at a Quaker school and helping them with maintenance , farming and organic gardening...I'm excited about that part.

The second half we're working with the U.S. Army engineers and doing trail maintenance and removing evasive species.
Which I'm pretty interested. But...considering the news about all those tornadoes in the south, there are talks of us being pulled from our project sites to go down there for disaster relief. Apparently teams from Maryland and Colorado have already been sent there. I wouldn't mind being sent...I kinda want to go and help there more then the project we're going to go to.

Anyway, that's what's going on with me right now. During transition we have a bunch of meetings we have to go to but it will be a little easier going online so I will try my best getting on as soon as I can. Pictures from camp on facebook soon!

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