Thursday, November 24, 2011

Revision. In a good way.'s been a while!

So sorry about that.

Well, this is probably the shortest Ameri-blog the world has ever seen. But, no fear. I shall continue steadfastly updating, even briefly, about the entire experience volunteering.
But first let me re-orient you, dear reader, on where I have been tossed and turned within the past year. I believe we started in Vinton, Iowa, for training/home base. Then it was to YMCA Camp Ohiyesa, in Holly, Michigan. This leaves us with:

West Branch, Iowa
Coralville Lake, Iowa
North Port, Florida*
Joplin, Missouri*
Madison, Wisconsin
Marquette, Michigan

*I did not originally intend to go there this year. But I am quite all right with that.

So that's a lot to update you on, and I will be thorough enough with everything myself and my Oak 3 team did, for now I am just reveling in the glory that is: constant connection to the internet. Which explains a huge reason as to why I never really bothered-to/had-the-time-for/really-wanted-to-but-couldn't update in my blog. Take your pick.

I also have lacked in any sort of update in artistic endeavors, and for that I can wholeheartedly claim that to laziness. I really should have worked on more when I wasn't working, but I did manage to sneak in a few pieces of the artistic me while serving the corps. I leave you  (not for a whole year! I'll come back fairly soon!) with a photo from a part of the mural our team painted at Camp Ohiyesa in the dining hall.

I also have an obsession with trees. I guess it comes in handy when you're asked to paint a mural full of them. 

This was actually a pretty proud moment for me, because it will forever be seen by kids every summer (unless they decide to tear down the building but I doubt that will happen anytime soon). This particular tree was a mock up of an oak tree on the grounds that is roughly about 500 (I shit you not) years old. It is also my favorite because besides sketching all of the trees, this one was to left to my own devices.

It's been approximately almost one week since I've been back. I miss everyone in the NCCC, but man, I am glad to be home. Also, today is Thanksgiving! Good times!

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  1. Hi Holly,

    First of all, lovely mural. I find murals so intimidating! Painting something that big is difficult.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I apologize for taking a little while to respond, it's been a busy few days for me. :)

    I'm sorry that starting your career has been so frustrating. If it's any consolation, it was the same for me. I graduated from animation school just in time for all the big studios to decide they weren't going to make classically animated films anymore.

    I think the key to finding your place in the art world is to find something you genuinely love to do and then pursuing it and treating it like a job even if you don't make money at it initially.

    It also helps to form a network of similarly minded artists to get support and advice from. That definitely helps me. :)

    All the best and good luck,