Monday, December 5, 2011

Science lessons.

I don't have much time to write an epic post from my travels as of right now, but I wanted to check in. I have an interview (finally someone called me back!) to work at a rehabilitation center in about an hour and a half. I figured I would leave you with a sketch while I was oot and aboot.

What the hell is that?

Ever wonder why it is that some people are able to sneeze after looking at a bright light, or a glancing at the sun to help them get that sneeze out? I say some people because I am one of them. I also say some people because I had found out that that sensation does not happen to everyone. It's genetic.*

My memory might be a little hazy on this, but I remember looking up what made some people sneeze after looking at a bright light, and it has to do with an optical nerve rubbing up again a nerve that controls your nose. Your sneeze button, I'd like to call it. That particular sketch is of the trigeminal nerve nuclei, which is one of the main (or might be the main nerve). I was so inspired during work back when I was at Eastern I decided to draw it for the hell of it.

*Note that I am not a scientist, and I am recalling from memory...if you actually know why or how the whole process works then I would love to learn it all over again! If not, then well...that's what I remember reading. I'll probably look it up later when I have the time. Adios!

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